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Mobile Joint - Catering

Tommi's Burger Joint


We take care of all sorts of events - big or small, concerts, private parties, company parties, festivals and get-togethers.

Tommi's Mobile Joint operates in Denmark.

Tommi's Burger Joint Catering Service provides catering to all sorts of events, parties, festivals and other happenings. We are known for our burgers being among the best in Copenhagen. We thrive on cool atmosphere in our restaurants and the Burger Joint is built on the concept where we only have the best quality of food and high levels of mojo. By combining this with mobile catering we are now able to bring out the burger joy to all. 

As a business or private person you can contact our Catering Service Team and get further details if you are interested in booking Tommi's Burger Joint at your event, festival or party.

Tommi & Crew

Andri Jónsson
+45 2299 9055

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